VASCON Solutions is an Integrated services company focused on Renewal Energy and value added solutions ICT delivery in the enterprise technology space. VASCON draws strength from seasoned and experienced  personnel. We are well known to be ultimate in Solutions provisions but also ready to learn, listen and do more to meet customers expectations.


VASCON Energy is an Integrated Renewal Energy arm of VASCON solutions with focus on Solar, Wind and Hydro. We deliver Utility-scale Solutions, Commercial and Residential Solution. As electricity costs continue to rise and concerns over emissions and pollution mount, solar power offers a clean, renewable alternative for utility-scale energy providers or residential needs. In choosing to power your business with solar, you’re taking a pledge to help create a cleaner, more sustainable future.


VASCON Energy is inspired by sustainable design and innovation, we offer a flexible and cost-effective solutions that maximize solar performance. 

Why US

We are well talented solution consultants, programmers, Software developer and System integrator, with a strategic relationship with leading technology provider and resellers such as Microsoft, Cisco, SugarCRM, Oracle, M-file among others. Our key objective is to help our client deliver business value by leveraging our well experienced people, processes and technology.

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